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As part of the Centerforce Peer Health Education Program, peer health educators worked with Centerforce staff to develop a 1-hour presentation to educate general prison populations about hepatitis.  The presentation is designed to be delivered by fellow peers who are incarcerated, who have been trained in general about hepatitis, peer health education, and cultural competency. The specific peer health educators delivering this presentation for Centerforce have been given advanced training specifically for the talk.  The presentation informs the audience about what hepatitis is, its effects on a person’s health, how is is transmitted, how to prevent it, and how to identify and reduce risk behaviors in incarcerated settings that are associated with hepatitis.  In the Centerforce Peer Health Education Program, this presentation is commonly delivered in reception areas for new arrivals and structured education program settings, as well as other venues as appropriate and available.

The following package of materials can be used with minimal adaptation to replicate these presentations to other incarcerated settings. The package includes a guide of talking points, a blank table that can be used on a blackboard or printed poster board during the presentation, a guide to how to fill-out the table as a visual aid as the presentation is delivered, additional hand-outs that are referenced during the presentation, including the Centerforce Hepatitis ABC Table, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fact Sheet.  In addition, this package includes surveys that can be used to evaluate the delivery of the presentation.