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    1. Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents
        This organization conducts and supplies research around the effects of parental incarceration, offers educational programs, helps reunite families that have been separated due to incarceration, and offers therapy and counseling for children and families affected by incarceration. To view the programs they have available, click here!

    2. Families of Incarcerated Loved Ones (FILO)
        FILO's goal is to strengthen, rebuild and empower families that have been devastated by incarceration and to reduce the generational incarceration. They offer a statewide and national program called Take No Prisoners Train The Trainer. This high energy, experiential training provides education and support to individuals and organizations serving kids who have parents that are incarcerated or who have been incarcerated. Designed for school counselors, educators, mentoring organizations, church groups and any agency working with this population of children or teens. For more information, click here!

    3. Families Outside the Wall
        This site is dedicated to the families and friends of incarcerated loved ones. This site includes:

        • Prisoner perspective of life inside
        • "Love and Stuff" ideas
        • Fun things to do together with a loved one in prison
        • 10 birthday ideas of what to send a loved one inside
        • Christmas gift ideas
        • Prison related quotes

    4. Family and Corrections Network (FCN)
        An organization for and about families of prisoners. They offer information, training and technical assistance on children of prisoners, parenting programs for prisoners, prison visiting, incarcerated fathers and mothers, hospitality programs, keeping in touch, returning to the community, the impact of the justice system on families, and prison marriage.

    5. Friends Outside National Organization
        They provide support and assistance for inmate families, offenders and ex-offenders. Friends Outside chapters are located in communities throughout California. Check out the website for the location of the various chapters.

        Their services include:

        • Victim/offender mediation
        • Support groups
        • Crisis intervention
        • Employment referrals for inmates, their families and ex-offenders
        • Juvenile offender prevention/diversion programs
        • Recreation/education programs for children of incarcerated parents
        • Work furlough facilities

    6. Women, Wives, Mothers, Others Of The Incarcerated
        They gather to support and comfort those who know too well the grief that comes when someone they love is incarcerated. They believe lives change forever, adjustments must be made and families need to stay strong and accept help when it is offered, by those who have been there. It is their desire to support the families of those incarcerated by providing the following services:

        • Confidential support
        • Group meetings
        • Resources
        • Fellowship
        • Guidance
        • Encouragement
        • Comfort
    On-line Chat Groups/ Communities:

    1. Families of Prisoners
        Families of Prisoners is a loosely bonded organization of ALL the individuals and groups fighting for prisoners and family members rights. This organization is intended as a tool to let others know what they are doing in the fight against the abuses of the DOC. No matter what state you are in or what you are fighting, post your groups activities here, post copies of the letters you write for those without the same confidence in their abilities to use, post flyers, request for help and let others know what you are doing.

    2. Friends and Family of Incarcerated Persons (F.F.I.P.)
        This is a support group for friends and family of incarcerated persons, working together to create a friendly atmosphere and to lend an ear by sharing information vital to anyone living within/without the jail and prison system. To view a listing of their online support groups, click here!

    3. Friends and Family of Prisoners Forum
        This site has been created to be a place where anyone who has a loved one in prison can come. It is our sincere hope you will find understanding, support, inspiration and information to assist you as you deal with a loved one being incarcerated. To enter the site, press the start button. You will need to log-in. New members will be assisted to create an account.

    4. Inmate Support Groups
        This group allows you to share your experiences, advice, support, joys, and sorrows in regards to addiction, recovery, or an incarcerated loved one. They work with incarcerated men and women, as well as their family members, in addressing the underlying issues which may have put them in prison. Many of these reasons may include addiction, depression, poverty, racism, lack of education, no exposure to spirituality and more.

    5. Prisoners of Love
        This website strives to provide the information for friends and families of inmates who need support and direction in these difficult times. To view their online community, support groups and chat groups, click here!

    6. Prisoner Support Group
        This community is composed of families and friends of prisoners, ex-inmates, ex-offenders, lawyers, paralegals, concerned citizens, elected officials, and even current and ex-prison guards who realize we have to make changes in the system we have now. With over 1000 members with a 55%+ daily activity ratio, you are sure to find the support, love and information you have been looking for.

    7. Prison Talk Online
        This is an online prisoner & family support, information and assistance site.

    8. Support for Inmates N Their Family
        This is a general online support and chat group for prison inmates, and their family.

    9. Wives and Girlfriends of Inmates
        This site offers support, and assistance in finding answers to questions about the process. Through this site, you will find links to other related sites on prison/inmate issues, artwork of inmates, and most of all, you get the chance to meet good people who understand your situation. We are helping each other serve time outside, while those we love are serving time inside because we are all doing time.

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