Programs > MOMS Program: Maximizing Opportunities for Mothers to Succeed

In January 2011, Centerforce received the contract from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department and Behavioral Health Care Services to provide the case management component for the MOMS program located inside the Santa Rita County Jail. The MOMS Program is comprised of both an eight-week, in-custody parenting program and a post-release case management for up to one year, including services, alumni groups and limited transitional housing. The program targets pregnant/parenting mothers during and after their incarceration.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to advocate for families impacted by incarceration and reduce

The vision of the M.O.M.S. Program is to empower in-carcerated women to re-build and maintain a healthy, strong family foundation.

We strive to better prepare women to successfully reenter back into communities and reunify with their families.

Reentry, reunify, and reduce recidivism for pregnant and mothering women impacted by incarceration.

For more information about the M.O.M.S. Program contact:

Sergeant Ben E. Shaull

Programs Manager
Office: (925) 803.7181

Dolores Lyles

M.O.M.S. Coordinator
Office: (925) 803.7198

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

Inmate Services, Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568

MOMS Volunteer Program

The MOMS volunteer program is designed to offer services and support for the mothers and children in our program. MOMS is seeking dedicated volunteers to assist with homework help/mentoring after school to provide assistance for the children and guidance for mothers for homework help. We are also looking for volunteers to offer childcare and facilitate activities in our developmental playroom and resource room. We are hoping for enthusiastic volunteers with an interest in working with children, we’ve got a great bunch that deserves as much support as we can give them. If you’re interested in volunteering with MOMS please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Laura Stoddard at
or (510) 638.3034